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Quilt Top Stop
Jen Alexander
Phone 1: 801-292-2952
Phone 2: 801-589-1327


Hi my name is Jen Alexander. I'm a professional machine quilter. My love for quilting started at a young age. My Grandma Stevens made quilts for her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. There were many times as a child I would find myself in circle of wonderful woman quilting my Grandmother's latest creation. What a wonderful legacy I received from her. So It's no wonder when I saw the opportunity to help others finish there own beautiful creations I grabbed the chance.

I purchased an A-1 Elite long-arm sewing machine. It was beautiful. My excitement must have filled the house, because my husband started setting up my machine a week before my dealer was supposed to get here. I learned so much the day she trained me. And I haven't stopped learning since. I've attended the HQMS show every year, taking classes from world renowned machine quilters like Renae Haddadin, Linda Taylor, Pam Clark and many more.

The best part of quilting is seeing my customer's faces when they receive their finished quilts. Every reaction is different, from a spontaneous hug, a thank you or a little note dropped in the mail.

I now have the opportunity to help others take the same steps I have. I am now a dealer for A-1 Long-arm machines. I am training new quilters on quilting, maintenance and troubleshooting. I also teach quilting classes. The classes I teach are: Beginning Quilting, Freehand Design, Fun Background Fillers, and Quality Custom Quilting

I am married to a wonderful husband JC and I'm a mother of three beautiful children Tori, Kaylee and Zaq. Tori is an award winning quilter at age 11. Kaylee is forever sewing pieces of fabric together on my "little" machine. And Zaqs favorite blanket was made by his two sisters. He can't sleep without it.

Saturday, June 23, 2018